April 29, 2007

BMW Motorcycles and Helmets

Filed under: Motorcycling — Tom @ 2:32 pm

BMW riders are some of the most likely to be wearing a helmet — and some of the least likely to have a place to put it. I’ve always been frustrated by the lack of a helmet lock for my bikes. Lately I’ve been trying the Helmet Guardian and it’s become one of my favorite gadgets. It’s kinda boring (I’d rather add a GPS or something else fun) but it does the job. It’s pretty inconspicuous and securely holds two helmets.

Here’s an action shot from Cycle Gadgets — the bike I have mine on is a bit torn apart right now.

Helmet Guardian


April 27, 2007

Another Thing That Never Happened in Chicago

Filed under: Art, Portland — Tom @ 11:15 pm

The SculptureI didn’t really know my neighbors in Chicago. We had some interaction because we were all members of a self-managed condominium association, but we weren’t what you’d call close. And I certainly didn’t have cool artist neighbors who let me display their work in my home until they sell it.

But here in Portland one of the people on my block is Samir Sankari, who does some fantastic metal sculpture. Most of his work can be displayed outside and his pieces can be seen all along our street. The piece shown here is a bit different — he incorporated some driftwood he came across and it’s one of the few that needs to be indoors. Fortunately, he offered to let me hang onto it until a buyer comes along.

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