May 15, 2007

Portland’s Polite Drivers

Filed under: Portland, Portland Traffic — Tom @ 10:41 am

Despite all of my complaining, the fact is that Portland’s drivers (while slow and infuriating at times) are unbelievably nice. The other day I was at a stop sign waiting to make a right hand turn. There was a stop light right around the corner and stopped traffic was lined up past my intersection. Some guy was blocking me but the woman behind him stopped and left some room, indicating that I should go ahead when the intersection cleared.

The guy in front of me notices me and he’s genuinely embarrassed that he blocked me. There’s completely no harm done here — traffic’s already stopped and the woman has already given me room to slide in behind the guy. But he actually backs up and lets me into his place in traffic.

2007 Road Rage Survey Results Now a survey of 25 metro areas finds that Portland is the most courteous city of all.

The survey, commissioned by AutoVantage for the second year in a row, also found that Portland had the fewest tailgaters.

Miami topped the list with the rudest drivers. Have you ever driven in Miami? What a zoo. Portland drivers, you have been warned. Those people will eat you alive.

I was surprised to find Dallas as number 5 on the most courteous list. In my experience, Texas drivers have always been one of the worst when it comes to boxing you out while you try to merge onto the freeway. They really, really don’t want be stuck in traffic behind you.

So I guess I should cut Portland drivers a break. I promise I’m going to honk at you guys less. Well, I promise to try.


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  2. Hi Tom –

    Looks like we have several things in common – recent transplants from midwest living in NE PDX, Apple evangelists, motorcyclists…and…bemusement at the traffic situation in PDX. I hear a lot more car horns than you do, though.

    I’d like to contact you by some other route than leaving a comment, but I can’t see a way to do that. So, I’m leaving a comment.

    Here’s a link to my latest travelogue blog post:


    Please email me when you have a free moment.



    Comment by Rich — July 6, 2007 @ 9:35 am

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