May 28, 2007

iPhone Hysteria Spawns Dumbest Study Ever

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The iPhone is magic. Many are lusting after it. Many more are talking about it. And really dumb speculation abounds.

But the latest is over the top. In a report issued by a company called Strategy Analytics and getting picked up by numerous blogs, they claim that 90% of mobile handset owners prefer the iPhone experience over their existing phone. Wow! 90%!

There’s no mention that Apple participated in the study in their press release. They say they “explored the appeal of iPhone features, developed comparisons with current products, investigated the nature of the iPhone experience, and gained insights on design criteria for future devices.” In other words, they speculated about what it would be like to use an iPhone and then got a bunch of people to discuss their speculation. And then they issued a press release.

Here’s the secret — the study appears to be a ploy to get people to register at the Strategy Analytics website. Registering and downloading the study gets you a document that links back to information on Strategy Analytics and their services. Searching for the report on their site shows that the latest iPhone report is dated February 28.

So this is little more than a press release about a discussion with some people who use mobile phones. If I was a professional in the wireless telecomm industry, registered for this report and found their was nothing behind this study? I suspect I’d do my shopping for strategic analysis elsewhere.

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