June 20, 2007

City of Heroes Movie in the Works

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There’s no escaping the fact that I’m a geek. I spend enormous amounts of time on the computer. I love tech gadgets. I play videogames. I read comic books.

The upside of all this is that I can get pretty excited about relatively minor announcements when they involve one or more of my geeky pasttimes. Like the news that Transformers producer Tom DeSanto is looking to develop a movie based on City of Heroes, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Dr. Nightshade vs. the Clockwork KingThis is awesome. I realize that it’s years off and may never happen. But I’ve spent countless hours in Paragon City fighting crime and would love to see it brought to life on the big screen.

I think the premise could make a great film. For those of you who have never played, the game takes place in Paragon City, a city on the eastern seaboard with a long history of super-powered vigilantes. It’s reeling from a devastating alien invasion. Various villainous organizations are looking to do whatever villainous organizations do. In response, the Paragon City has opened its doors to heroes from all over — come to town, register with City Hall and you’re a licensed vigilante. I hope the city’s premier supergroup, the Freedom Phalanx (made up of heroes created by the CoH development team), will find its way into the film.

I’ve played a few other MMORPGs but never stick with them. For whatever reason, I’ve had better luck making friends and building relationships in CoH than in other games. Anytime I log on, I can count on running into at least a handful of people that I team up with regularly and hang out with.

If you haven’t tried City of Heroes, you should check it out. Look me up sometime as JohnnyFlux or Dr. Nightshade. Or the Fiery Mass. Or Chill McFreeze. Rex Danger. Jake Justice. Crush Biggs. Or…

City of Heroes website
Buy City of Heroes at Amazon.com


March 10, 2007

Just Watching TV

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Free Enterprise is on cable right now. I love this movie. I own it on DVD, but can’t help watch it whenever I come across it like this. Not everyone gets it — you really need to be a huge nerd. The main characters Mark (played by Eric McCormack of Will & Grace fame) and Robert (Rafer Weigel) spend a lot of time talking about comic books and science fiction movies.

And you can’t be a fan of just the new stuff, as made clear when Robert finds himself arguing about movies with a little kid at Toys R Us:

You know what the problem is with you kids today? You guys think that all science fiction started in 1977 with Star Wars. Man, what about movies like Forbidden Planet? The Day the Earth Stood Still? Solaris? What about Logan’s Run?

This movie is pure nerd genius. I just thought everyone should know.

March 1, 2007

DRM-Free Motorcycling Shows Released

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The Unofficial Apple Weblog reported on the documentary “In Search of the Valley”, which has just been released using the digital rights management-free Streamburst store. I thought this was kinda interesting but TUAW threw in an aside that caught my attention — Streamburst has also been used to build the storefront and sell DRM-free digital downloads of the television series Long Way Round and Race to Dakar!

Race to Dakar

I’ve already purchased the first two episodes of “Race to Dakar” and am really happy — there are three different formats to choose from and you can download all three if you want. I can move them around to any computer in my house and watch them using a variety of players, or burn a DVD and use it wherever I want. I love that I don’t have to deal with the restrictions imposed by DRM. I hope people start buying these because DRM-free distribution deserves to come out on top.

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