June 19, 2007

Bland Pippen Mansion Sells at a Loss

Filed under: Portland, Portland Real Estate — Tom @ 9:27 pm

The real estate market in Portland is crazy. When I moved here, I was looking at places that had appreciated 1,000% in the last five to ten years. It’s out of control.

Then I come across an article saying that somehow, former basketball player Scottie Pippen managed to lose about a million bucks on a place he’d owned more than 6 years. Yikes.

It’s becomes less puzzling when you take a look at the place. I’m certainly not living in an opulent gated estate here, but take a look at this place. Maybe it’s just me but that looks like the most bland, character-less place I’ve ever seen.

Bleh. $4 million? A fool and his money, I guess.


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