September 2, 2007

How Often Do You Find An Awesome Gorilla Video?

Filed under: Weird — Tom @ 12:28 pm

Not very often, that’s what I think! But here’s one, noted over at Daring Fireball.


May 12, 2007

Charges Dropped Against Boston Guerilla Marketers

Filed under: Weird — Tom @ 4:06 pm

Boing Boing’s got the latest on the Mooninite drama in Boston.

So the unfortunate guys who installed the light screens promoting Aqua Teen Hunger Force will not be going to trial. Maybe prosecutors in Boston decided that they’d have a hard time proving the two guys intended to induce a panic.

The mayor, however, stands firmly behind his decision to throw the city into chaos in the first place.

“I hope the message goes out to all guerrilla marketers who plan on doing business in Boston that we take the public safety of those who live and work here very seriously,” Menino said yesterday in a statement.”

Who knows? Maybe it’ll send the message to everyone that it’s easier to just not do business in Boston.

February 28, 2007

Boston Still Blowing Stuff Up

Filed under: Weird — Tom @ 11:01 pm

Boing Boing reports that Boston apparently has not yet satisfied its appetite for blowing up random stuff. Today, freedom is safe from at least one traffic monitoring thingie.

What’s the deal with Boston? I mean, mechanical and electrical devices get installed every day in cities all across the country. They don’t put up special signs identifying them as officially sanctioned, unsuspicious devices everywhere else, do they?

I just don’t understand why this keeps happening. Maybe if people in this country would follow international news half as closely as American Idol, they’d realize that homemade bombs often just look like a car.

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